Peter & Margaret King

In early 2010 we wanted to buy a larger family house and in order to achieve this we decided to sell a substantial block of land in East Fremantle. We encountered Mark Dimmock whilst looking at properties in the area and discussed our intentions of selling the block to finance a new house. Mark is clearly passionate about his business and his friendly and genuine manner certainly made us feel comfortable. He also didn’t give the impression that he “knew it all” and invited opinion in a way that some other agents did not. In the face of some scepticism from other agents we were talking to, Mark convinced us we could obtain a higher price for our block than others were suggesting at quite a tricky point in time for land sales. We decided to sell through Mark and William Porteous Properties International and within a week Mark had a good offer very close to his estimates. While there were some minor obstacles encountered before settlement, Mark was continuously in contact and helpful at all times. If we had gone with another agent I have no doubt we would have had a significant shortfall and would probably not have been able to afford the magnificent house we were subsequently able to buy. I have no hesitation in recommending his real estate services.