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About Shiva

Shiva is an executive sales representative that has worked in the property development industry, as a buyer and seller, for the past 20 years. Shiva’s prior experience has predominantly been sourcing development sites, assisting in the aesthetic direction and pricing of the final development for sale.

Given this experience, Shiva has a broad understanding of the nuances of purchasing and selling property which has led to proficiency of the sales process from start to finish. Having been on both sides of a deal, Shiva has a holistic viewpoint which enables her to assist vendors and buyers in all aspects to ensure they have a good experience and get the best results.
Shiva has worked in the fashion industry as a designer and teacher. Her love for creativity has spurred an interest in interior design which allows her to guide sellers in presenting, staging and renovating their home to maximise the sale price.

As a mother of two older children, Shiva understands the necessity to be organised, principled and provides a dignified approach. She has a friendly and honourable demeanour and will always strive for excellence in all aspects of her life and career.

In her spare time, Shiva loves to take her dog for a walk along the river and entertain her family and friends.

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