70 Kingsway NEDLANDS WA 6009


Beds 4
Baths 3
Cars 2
Land Size
1034 m2

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70 Kingsway



Yes … dreams do come true!

And it certainly helps if you begin with the fortuitous combination of a Prize-winning architect, a superbly located but slightly eccentric site, and clients with a clear vision and a remarkably short list of instructions.

Having lived in the orient for some years, the clients wanted a subtle touch of the East in their dream home with a sense of the traditional Buddhist philosophy they had embraced while in Asia. Most importantly, they sought the freedom of large internal spaces and maximum integration between the home and nature.

In 2005, they signed Architect, Tim Wright, because they couldn't fault his body of work and were confident, he would bring their dream to life. Wise decision!

With a narrow frontage to Kingsway, the home is set back from the street, presenting an impressive façade with vast windows and soaring angles.

Today, this is a home where generous spaces and endless vistas provide a healing balm for the senses and deliver a superbly successful family lifestyle. You just need to adjust to people coming through the door and saying "WOW".

Once inside, the show opens in breathtaking style with a huge glass void that centres the home over three levels from a lagoon sized koi pool and small island with towering bamboos that reach for the sky.

The lady of the house describes the kitchen as Command Central. From here you can see the Kingsway entry, the living/dining area, the pool, the study and be within earshot of what is happening in most of the house - all while enjoying a life enhancing panorama of the City, the Swan River and the Darling Range. And she helpfully added that the house is surprisingly easy to clean and has an indispensable dumb waiter!

This magical home fires the imagination. Some say it is like a tree house. Others call it a resort or a ship at sea. It is a picturesque haven, peaceful and relaxed with many tempting niches that invite you to sit and take it all in with a book and a coffee, or a good friend and a glass of wine. On the other hand, entertaining is a breeze with any number up to 120 guests enjoying weddings, Christmases, birthdays and celebrations galore.

It is such a joy to experience this lush, superbly located property. It is endlessly spacious, light, therapeutic, comfortable, beautiful and seductive. The problem is leaving! You simply don't want to.

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