William Porteous Properties International (“WPPI”) respects your privacy and is committed to complying with its obligations under the Privacy Act , 1988 and the associated National Privacy Principles (“the NPPs”).


WPPI is bound by the NPPs due to the fact that it derives a benefit, service or advantage by the collection or disclosure of information and opinions about individuals whose identity is apparent or can be ascertained.
However, as with all organizations, the NPPs do not apply to personal information of current or former employees contained in employee records when those records are used directly in connection with the employment relationship. Further, it should be noted that some exemptions are contained within the NPPs with respect to matters such as the disclosure of information relating to public health or public safety, the disclosure of information with respect to law enforcement enquiries and the disclosure of particular information relating to legal proceedings and negotiations.

WPPI is happy to provide further details as to the extent to which it is required to comply with the NPPs should any person wish. Alternatively, further details of the obligations imposed upon private organisations under Australia ‘s privacy laws can be obtained directly from the office of the Privacy Commissioner or by reference to the NPPs and the Privacy Commissioner’s associated guidelines.


  • the obtaining of information from vendors used with respect to the marketing and sale of real estate properties and businesses;
  • the collection and use of information from databases of comparable sales of properties and businesses in order to appraise the value of other properties and businesses and in order
  • to assist in the marketing of those properties and businesses;
  • information from purchasers and potential purchasers of properties and businesses;
  • details of properties, owners and tenants used for the purpose of managing the leasing of both commercial and residential properties;
  • data obtained from third parties for the use of marketing, selling and leasing real estate properties and businesses.


WPPI holds the information referred to above for the primary purpose of enabling it to conduct the services that it provides to its customers, vendors, purchasers, owners and tenants and to enable it to market the provision of those services. In particular:

  • WPPI collects information to enable it to provide services in connection with the sale or leasing of properties and businesses;
  • information collected by WPPI is used to provided advice to customers and prospective customers with respect to real estate and business agency matters;
  • information collected by WPPI issued to assist with the delivery of services via the internet;
  • information obtained from third parties, including Landgate, REIWA, RP Data, local councils and other organizations is used for the purpose of assisting the agency in the valuing, selling and leasing of properties and businesses;
  • information obtained by WPPI is used for the purpose of marketing the services of the agency.

WPPI agency does not contract out services to third parties that involves disclosing personal information.

If any individual wishes to make a complaint about WPPI activities with respect to privacy and the NPPs or obtain more information about the way in which this agency manages personal information it holds, the individual should make immediate contact with WPPI.