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I am delighted to present for sale Whare Koa, Baxter's & Whisson's, 3 mixed dryland cropping and grazing properties, located just out of MECKERING within the renowned Avon Wheatbelt region of Western Australia.

Situated on the long term average annual rainfall 350-400mm line, these properties offer an excellent balance of productive land classes well suited to broad hectare cropping pursuits as well as livestock production. Farmed by the current owner's family for 32 years, Whare Koa (meaning Happy Home) adopts a two in five winter cereal cropping rotation system, designed to optimise biological regeneration of the land resources and maximise sustainable productivity. Under this system, approximately 1000 hectares is annually cropped to wheat, oats, lupins or rye, whist the balance is utilized for grazing 650 Merino breeding ewes plus lambs.

18 cropping paddocks, 2 mature & highly productive olive plantations comprising approximately 3000 trees and multiple forested areas, make up these picturesque valley farms with excellent fresh water from a permanent soak and an earth catchment dam.

Scheme water mains supply the house, sheds and extend into the property.

The property has 3 Carbon Sequestration Projects registered with the Clean Energy Regulator comprising approximately 1382 Ha. Carbon sampling testing to a depth of 1m.
**Projections are for 0.1% increase in soil organic carbon per year delivering 9 ACCUs/Ha to the landholder

Whare Koa & Baxters comprises an extensive list of farming infrastructure and sheds including workshop/shearing shed, large hay/machinery shed and approx 320 T fertiliser shed and sheep yards. WhareKoa boasts a 4 bedroom/2 bathroom homestead, 2 x25000 Lt flexi-N and numerous water tanks and 9 grain silos allowing approximately 550 T grain storage capacity one of which is a 50T urea silo.
There is also a 6.6kw solar system. Total landholding of Whare Koa & Baxter's is 1,331 hectares (3,289 acres), of which 85% is indicated as arable.

Six freehold land titles in Shire of Cunderdin LGA with Rural Zoning.

The farm is situated 24 kilometres from Meckering, 25 kilometres from Cunderdin, 40 kilometres from Dowerin, 60 kilometres from Northam and 140 kilometres from Midland.

• Open, clean, medium to light country that lends itself to hay, grain and oilseed production.
• 4,230.31 acres indicated as arable
• Farmed by the same family for 32 years
• Abundance of unlocked potential.
• 'Whare-Koa' a highly focused, regenerative farming system, now
• Certified Organic Demeter BDRI managed for 7 years with
• Profitable production of cereal, legumes, red meat, wool and hay in a regenerative 'organic' system.
• 3000 tree Olive grove planted in 2002
• History of high yielding, exceptional quality olive oil, currently flourishing with heavy fruit loads
• Initially irrigated to establish seedlings, the trees now flourish from the ample, fresh ground water this
country boasts.
• The 'Mawson', McGrath home is four-bedroom, two bathroom concrete base steel frame transportable, which includes an open plan dining, kitchen and living area, reverse cycle air-conditioning and has sweeping all round verandahs.
• The farm building improvements include a 4-stand shearing shed
• Approx 320 tonne granular fertiliser storage facility with three concreted bays,
• 50 tonne Urea silo and 50,000 litres of liquid fertiliser storage,
• 30m x 20M x 12m high steel frame and iron general purpose hay shed
• 540 tonne of sealed silo grain storage.
• Water is supplied by a scheme connection to the home and sheds
• 1 permanent freshwater soak
• 3 seasonal soaks supplying stock water.

The farm can be split;

'Whare-Koa' 912 Ha
• 4 bed x 2 bath homestead, fertiliser and grain storage, 30m x 20m GP storage/hay shed
• Scheme water connected plus freshwater soak.
• 788 hectares indicated as arable by our sellers.

'Baxters' 419 Ha
• 4 easy working paddocks, access from Leeson road.
• Stock water supplied by freshwater soak.
• 345 ha indicated as arable by our sellers.

"Whisson's" 474.69 Ha
• On four titles.
• 4 stand raised board shearing shed
• 140 Tonne grain storage in 2 silos
• 428 ha indicated as arable by our sellers.

The total landholding for these six titles is approx 4,472 acres.

Un-arable areas are accessible for livestock grazing purposes or potential carbon credit offsets.

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