Meet Our Team

Andrew Porteous

Director/Sales Executive

About Andrew

In the competitive world of Real Estate, a quiet achiever is hard to find. Most agents take every opportunity to boast about big sales or high profile listings.

Andrew Porteous doesn’t need to boast.

Educated in the UK, followed by five years at Tokyo’s Sophia University, Andrew is fluent in the language and steeped in the culture of Japan.

While at University, Andrew also trained daily in the ancient techniques and strict disciplines of Karate at the Head Karate Shotokan dojo in Tokyo.

The strength of purpose, discipline, and respect for relationships gained during these years remain intrinsic to Andrew’s professional success and achievements.

Maintaining close contacts with developers and investors throughout the world, Andrew is a highly regarded off-market specialist who discreetly connects sellers with buyers and negotiates the sale of commercial and residential properties that are never advertised.

Over the past two years, the successful sale of eight (off market, discreet) prestigious high value homes – to a total value of $58 million – reinforced Andrew’s reputation as an outstanding agent and quiet achiever.

It could well have been daunting for him to work in the shadow of his father, the legendary William Porteous. But Andrew has learned from the best and created his own place in a difficult industry where he is now respected as a force in his own right.

Andrew is a devoted family man who sets and maintains very high standards in an extremely competitive profession.

If you are a client looking for a champion – rest assured Andrew is the Agent for you. He relishes a challenge, loves his work and takes pride in delivering outstanding results for his clients.

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