Peter Robertson

Peter Robertson “Real Estate is my passion – Success is my driver”

When choosing the right agent to entrust your property with, how do you make the right choice?

My name is Peter Robertson and I’ve been a real estate agent since 1994. I am a licensed Real Estate Agent, Property Manager, Business Broker, Auctioneer and I hold an Advanced Diploma in Business.

I’ve sold just about every kind of property throughout my career but without doubt the mainstay of my business is premium houses, apartments and rural lifestyle properties in WA’s most exclusive suburbs and coastal getaways.

Key points of difference:

  1. Communication: When working with you having the ability to listen and understand what is important to you and what you want to achieve is how we start. It ensures the advice we give you is relevant and applicable and that the campaign we craft for you is the right one.
  2. Presentation: Knowing how to present your property in the best light to gain the greatest market attraction can be as much as 10% difference in the final selling price. We will guide you and give you options so you can ensure a buyer’s first impression will be a positive one.
  3. Strategy: The right marketing, pricing and method of sale is critical. Different markets and different properties call for different tactics. We do not take a one size fits all approach. We give strategically considered advice to ensure the right methods are applied the right way to ensure your success.
  4. Negotiation: Every buyer wasn’t to drive a hard bargain – Naturally! Having a highly skilled and experienced Agent in your corner who has honed the art of negotiation over many successful sales, in every kind of market and who is passionate about ensuring you get the best possible deal will make a huge difference to your bottom line.
  5. Trust: This is earned over time from always doing the right thing and always delivering on promises. I have a wealth of happy, loyal clients that continue to come back to me as both a trusted property adviser and agent year after year, through all the buoyant and hard phases of the property cycle, and I’ve seen a few.
  6. Team work: As a Director at William Porteous Properties I am proud of our firm. It’s a great team of sales people, property managers and administrative supports staff that ensure our clients receive the best service and support. This enables us to consistently produce the best possible results in any type of market, year in, year out.

If you are looking for an Agent that is passionate about what they do, places a high importance on professionalism, ethics and is driven to help achieve the best possible outcome, then I invite you to contact me today.