Igor Nujic

After representing himself and Australia in national basketball squads and earning scholarships to highly-esteemed institutions including the Australian Institute of Sport and University of Texas and University of California, Igor has established himself as a rising star in the Perth real estate arena.

Every challenge is embraced with drive and enthusiasm, which Igor believes to be one of the innate qualities that allow him to thrive in such a competitive market.

“As a 15-year-old, I used to spend every Saturday morning highlighting potential homes of interest in the weekend newspaper for my parents. This was when the newspaper reigned supreme in real estate advertising, how times have changed.”

Igor developed a strong foundation of real estate knowledge from a young age. It is now part of his detail-oriented approach to recognize the subtle characteristics of a property, give qualified and practical advice, provide a tailored approach and wade through any circumstance or situation to the benefit of his clients.

In only 24 months with William Porteous Properties International, Igor has sold $24 million worth of property with no sign of slowing down. Igor has sold everything from absolute oceanfront property, mansion estates in rural areas, property yet to be completed and everything in between. As a result of these experiences, Igor has refined his craft to become an exceptional negotiator with influence at such a young age who can creatively structure a deal to exhaust all options and possibilities.

For a fresh perspective and robust analytical skills to become your only point of contact with anything real estate related, you can contact Igor on 0419 461 010.