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Igor Nujic

“I’m highly motivated and genuinely inspired by the real estate industry. I appreciate the need for good customer service and I come with a fresh, new-school approach.”

Igor is an open minded, enthusiastic sales agent. His thirst for knowledge, networking skills and calm demeanour gives him an edge on communicating with clients.

Igor’s youthful approach is respectfully balanced with his daily interaction of highly experienced colleagues and clients.

With a genuine interest and appreciation of the property market and an abundance of exposure to property developments, Igor continues to build and grow good working business relationships.

Ready to appraise your property at any time, Igor will go above and beyond to assist in the sale of your home.

Skills & expertise

  • Skills, expertise and awards
  • Specialities
  • Not exclusive to one area
  • Good listener
  • Highly motivated
  • Enthusiastic
  • Open minded
  • Igor has been in the industry since 2014.